Hertfordshire Bowls

Men 1920 & Women 1936

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2 Wood
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Previous Winners

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Women's Fours (Last 16)

Telephone results to Mavis Hendry on 01923 220417 or 07874 948379

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  Last 16 - Wed 30th June Quarters - Tues 13th July Semis - Tues 20th July Final - Sunday 1st August Champions
  (First named team is at HOME) at Herts BC at Welwyn & District BC at Bishops Stortford BC (Previous Winners)
EE   A9   A   Final  


EB A11  
  SB   A10   B    
  NB V Bingley (Baldock)  
  SA P Bond (North Mymms)    
  EC   A12  
SD L Brooks (Harpenden)  

Women's Seniors Fours

Telephone results to Joan Welch on 01438 861404

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  1st round - Friday 18th June 2nd round - Tues 29th June Quarters - Tues 6th July Semis - Monday 12th July Final - Sun 1st August
      at Baldock BC at Welwyn & District BC at Bishops S/Ford BC
13 P Scarborough (Hatfield) 19   26   29  


J Sylvester (Bovingdon)
    J Munt (Northaw & Cuffley)
14 J Scott (Potters Bar) 17    
S Thompson (Herts)
    M Dunstone (Berkham'd)
  11 S Roberts (Harperbury) 18   28  
B Sewell (Sawbridgew'th
16 A O'Hare (Welwyn GC)  
R Felstead (B/Stortford)
10 J Gauthier (Harperbury) 24    
V Dale (Harpenden)
5 N Chalcraft (Sawbridgew'th)  
H Chandler (B/Stortford)
  6 D Whybrow (Bushey) 20   25 30  


H McMillan (Herts)
9 D Honey (Bushey)  
J Mills (Riverain)
4 S Page (Baldock) 23  
D Hunt (B/Stortford)
1 V Challacombe (Welwyn & D)  
D Marks (Buntingford)
  3 J Chatman (Whitethorn) 22   27  
P Rodgers (Potters Bar)
15 A Hudson (Hertford)  
L Tutt (Batchwood)
2 L Ralphs (Berkhamsted) 21  
J Escott (Kings Langley)
7 M Cavaye (Kings Langley)  
A Costin (Hertford)

Results shown in BLACK are the official ones, those shown in RED have been supplied by the players

CHAMPIONS only to National Championships at Leamington Spa