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Bowls England Greens Advisory Service Hertfordshire
HB Greens Coordinator - John Hay Tel 07774-690561
HB Greens Advisor - Bill Lammas Tel 07572-994194
The meetings are aimed at anyone who is actively involved in green maintenance at their club or seeking to be involved (Paid, unpaid/volunteer).
We particularly want to encourage those who have responsibility for the green maintenance at their club (ie Green Rangers/Managers).
The meetings share experiences & information on green related matters & from time to time we have guest speakers on related topics.
Green Keepers / Rangers Meetings - 2019


The next HB Greens Forum meeting will be at Herts BC on Friday 8th March 2019 commencing at 0900hrs.

 Lunch will be provided.


The meeting will require those attending to register by email with either Dennis/Sisis or via Scott Reynolds RT Machinery

Please see attachment for details of the seminar.

The meeting is a Bowls Green Maintenance One day seminar with guest speakers and supported by

the industry in this case Dennis/Sisis/RTM.


In addition clubs may also be interested in funding opportunities available for equipment which will also form part of the day.

There is no charge for this event and the support of Hertfordshire Clubs would be greatly appreciated.

I would also like to thank the Herts BC Executive and members for their support in hosting the event.



John H

HB Greens Co-ordinator


The Hertfordshire Bowls Greens Advisory Scheme is a useful resource to all clubs in relation to advice on greens maintenance through its advisor Bill Lammas and it is free to all clubs in Hertfordshire whether self maintained  or by a service provider.  All clubs should encourage their green rangers/keepers, representatives, officials or managers to attend the monthly meeting during the close season for up to date information and assistance on greens maintenance and equipment.

We hope to see a representative from all clubs in Hertfordshire at either one of our monthly meetings or the seminar.  Don't let your club miss out!  They are free, educational and informal.

If you require any further information please contact John Hay (email) or Bill Lammas on the mobile numbers provided above.