Hertfordshire Bowls

Men 1923 & Women 1936

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  Tommy Phipps 2023 Anne Hudson
  Vacant (due to Noel Roberts passing away) 2022 Rose Varney
  Terry Barker (Potters Bar) 2021 Betty Stewart (Herts)
  Terry Barker (Potters Bar) 2020 Betty Stewart (Herts)
  David Worker (Royston) 2019 Catherine Newman (Bushey)
  Eastern Counties BA President - Phil Clewes-Garner 2019  
  John Loudon (Hatfield) 2018 Natalie Chalcraft (Sawbridgeworth)
  Allan Sayers (Herts) 2017 Jan Holland (Harpenden)
  Nigel Woor (Royston) 2016 Sue Moodey (Stevenage Town)
    2015 Bowls England President - Marcia Dunstone
  Graham Searle (Metropolitan Police) 2015 Sue Sayers (Herts Watford)
  Phil Clewes-Garner (Bishops Stortford) 2014 Ruby Avery (Welwyn Garden City)
  Phil Havord (Hatfield) 2013 Mina Reid (Baldock Town)
  John Thompson (Whit Hern) 2012 No President
  Eastern Counties BA President - Graham Marriner 2012  
  Raymond Smith (Holwell) 2011 Marcia Pearce (Berkhamsted)
  Peter McNulty (Metropolitan Police) 2010 Celia Carne (Northaw & Cuffley)
  G Marriner (Potters Bar) 2009 Ms M Van Put (Oak Hill)
  R McComb (Ware) 2008 Mrs J Ralph (Whitethorn)
  D Fox (Bishops Stortford) 2007 Mrs M Hendry (Bushey)
  A Moseley (Borehamwood) 2006 Mrs M Hunt (Abbots Langley)
M Poole (Welwyn & District) 2005 Mrs J Sellek (Bushey)
  Eastern Counties BA President - Arthur Cottington 2005  
  C Dunstone (North Watford) 2004 Mrs D Barrett (Welwyn & District))
  A E Meeson (Townsend) 2003 Mrs K Cottington (Hatfield)
  C Mustoe (Ware) 2002 No President
  A Cottington (Hatfield) 2001 Mrs N Picken (Herts)
  M Dolby (Herts) 2000 Mrs N Lewis (Northaw & Cuffley)
  D R Knight (Townsend) 1999 Mrs H Davey (Bishops Stortford)
  A C Potter (Tesco) 1998 Mrs J Colquhoun (Herts)
  T E Bufton (Royston) 1997 Mrs D Hodson-Smith (Datchworth)
  G D Stock (Townsend) 1996 Mrs R Bragg (Batchwood Hall)
  W L Maxwell (Bengeo W.M) 1995 Mrs J South (Townsend)
  M A S Parrish (Bishope Stortford) 1994 Mrs Y Lyon (Herts)
  S Brown (Bragbury House) 1993 Mrs B Meeson (Hatfield)
  S F Simmons (Garston) 1992 Mrs B Young (Bishops Stortford)
  A R Harper (Oak Hill) 1991 Mrs B Edwards (Shendish)
  D Harris (Havers Park) 1990 Mrs L Maynard (North Mymms)
  No President 1989 Mrs H Chapman (Hatfield)
  J E Worsdale (Roebuck) 1988 Mrs S Simmons (Watford)
  M J Reynard (Owls) 1987 Mrs B Firth (Barnet)
  B S Hughes (St Albans) 1986 Mrs M Sheppard (Bishops Stortford)
  R R Baines (Hertford Castle Garden) 1985 Mrs L King (Royston)
  K A Brown (ICL) 1984 Mrs R Browell (Herts)
  K R Garwood (Potter End) 1983 Mrs C Keeble (Hertford)
  D E Taylor (Bishops Stortford) 1982 Mrs M Worboys (Townsend)
  J Chapman (East Barnet Valley) 1981 Mrs E Owens (Barnet)
  G B Turner (Baldock Town) 1980 Miss B Liley (Oak Hill)
  R W Spencer (Hemel Hempstead) 1979 Mrs I Berney (Watford)
    1979 English Women's B.A. President - Mrs N Willis (Herts)
  F G Maynard (North Mymms) 1978 Mrs G Brown (Batchwood)
  A V Blakes (Bengeo W.M.) 1977 Mrs G Berry (Hatfield)
  R A Manning (Stevenage Town) 1976 Mrs N Willis (Herts)
  T C Bremner (Letchworth Town) 1975 Mrs E Basham (East Barnet Valley
  G W Scott (Hatfield) 1974 Mrs A Emery (Oak Hill)
  C F Berry (Oak Hill) 1973 Mrs C Symington (Townsend)
  S E Robertson (Buntingford) 1972 Mrs J Blakes (Hertford)
  C J Dace (Met Police, Bushey) 1971 Mrs K Clarke (North Mymms)
  F G Carter (Hemel Hempstead) 1970 Mrs D Thorne (Bushey)
  L A Dean (Tring) 1969 Miss K Haddon (Rickmansworth)
  F Gyford (Herts) 1968 Mrs O Cockes (Sawbridgeworth)
  H J Eldridge (Garston) 1967 Mrs L Knight (Kayser Bondor)
  D G Kirby (Radlett) 1966 Mrs M Edsall (Batchwood Hall)
  Lord Lingren of Welwyn (Welway Garden City 1965 Mrs R Craig (Cuffley)
  L J Stinton (North Mymms) 1965  
  E Tingey (Hatfield) 1964 Mrs A Lee (Letchworth)
    1963 English Women's B.A.President - Mrs K Sheffield (Hertford)
  R P Cooper (Cooper's Berkhamsted) 1963 Mrs E Crawley (Townsend)
  M G Hill (Herts) 1962 Mrs M Poulter (Hemel Hempstead)
  S Clarke (Townsend) 1961 Mrs W Brooks (Hertford)
  T Knight (Hoddesdon Conservative) 1960 Mrs F Clayton (Barnet)
  R C Wood-Smith (East Barnet Valley) 1959 Mrs A Lovesey (Watford)
  A F Gawler (ICI, Plastics Division) 1958 Mrs E E Chappell (Rickmansworth)
  S Innocenti (Radlett) 1957 Mrs C M Tomlinson (East Barnet)
  F Emery (Garston) 1956 Mrs K Sheffield (Hertford)
  W A Brewster (Willian) 1955 Mrs R Waller (Cuffley)
  C Burgess (Rosedale) 1954 Mrs Hudson (Townsend)
  H H Wrenn (East Barnet Valley ) 1953 Mrs Hines (Townsend)
  J V Jacklin (Royston) 1952 Mrs Ellis (Rickmansworth)
  Sir F W Leggett, KBE, CB (Radlett) 1951 Mrs Hewitson (Clarence Park)
  T H F Oakes (Herts) 1950 Mrs M Mascall (Sawbridgeworth)
  J Reilly (Letchworth Town) 1949 Mrs C Clark (Ware)
  H Haynes (Townsend) 1948 Mrs Morbey (Cheshunt)
  E Goddard (Barnet) 1947 Mrs Broadbridge (Barnet)
  H Baines (St Albans) 1946 Mrs Lockley (Hatfield)
  C J White (St Albans) 1945 Mrs Dumphy (Watford)
  W J Guiver (Watford) 1944 Mrs Dumphy (Watford)
  W J Guiver (Watford) 1943 Mrs Dumphy (Watford)
  W J Guiver (Watford) 1942 Mrs Dumphy (Watford)
  W J Guiver (Watford) 1941 Mrs Dumphy (Watford)
  W J Guiver (Watford) 1940 Mrs Dumphy (Watford)
  W J Guiver (Watford) 1939 Mrs Dumphy (Watford)
  J Tacchi (St Albans Conservative) 1938 Mrs H Clark (Bishops Stortford)
  W E Davis (Hemel Hempstead) 1937 Mrs Loe (Townsend)
  R Elrick (East Barnet Valley) 1936 Mrs Wood (North Watford)
  R W Pickering (Watford) 1935  
  E Tappenden (Hitchin) 1934  
  P W T Palmer (St Albans) 1933  
  A T Paskell (Herts) 1932  
  J H Owen (Herts) 1931  
  P E Groves (Havers Park) 1930  
  A A Sedcole (Townsend) 1929  
  A A Sedcole (Townsend) 1928  
  A A Sedcole (Townsend) 1927  
A A Sedcole (Townsend) 1926
  A A Sedcole (Townsend) 1925  
  A A Sedcole (Townsend) 1924  
  A A Sedcole (Townsend) 1923  
  A A Sedcole (Townsend) 1922  
  A A Sedcole (Townsend) 1921